Product Authentication for Counterfeit Prevention is one Thing – Product Traceability is another.

Brand Owners: Are you prepared to deal with the information requirements of today’s educated consumers?

When you see shoppers in stores using their mobile phones, they are looking for much more than lower prices elsewhere. They are looking for information on your product they are holding in their hands and are about to purchase. They want to know instantly:

  • Is this the real article or a cheap knock-off?
  • Is there anything in it that could sicken me?
  • Where was it made?
  • How do I know if it’s really organic?
  • How do I know that it did not come from a blacklisted supplier?
  • How do I know that I’m not supporting child labor?
  • What are others thinking about this product?

Our research in the EU market has revealed some jaw-dropping statistics*:

Taking the example of cosmetics,

67% of your potential buyers will put your product back on the shelf if they cannot find the information they are looking for;

23% of them will buy a competitive product that provides the information;

the rest postpone their buying decision.

Imagine you could win these 67% as buyers. What would this mean to your bottom line?

The increase would be substantial, and it’s easy to achieve with a unique CERTENTIC QR Code ID on each product unit.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about the CERTENTIC experience.

Visit our BRAND OWNER page for details on our program. You will also find startling statistics on the impact of counterfeits on your product sales, your reputation, and the economy in general.

Visit our CONTACT page to speak with one of our specialists. A simple pilot program will quickly convince you of the positive effects of our program on your bottom line.

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