Brand Owners: Protect the Authenticity of your Brand while giving your Customers the Information they seek!

A simple QR Code on your packaging accomplishes both goals and will have an enormous impact on your revenues and your reputation.


Today’s educated consumers go shopping with their mobile phones. They are ready to scan your code when they want to make a buying decision. And here are some of the things that can be revealed about your product with a simple click:

  • That it is the genuine brand article and not a counterfeit product.
  • Where it was made.
  • Its ingredients.
  • That it is not supporting blacklisted suppliers.
  • That it is not supporting child labor.
  • All certifications you hold (organic and otherwise) which are independently verified by us.
  • Product reviews on social media.

And if your potential customers still have questions they can immediately tweet and you can answer in real time.

Our research in the EU market has revealed some jaw-dropping statistics1:

Taking the example of cosmetics,

67% of your potential buyers will put your product back on the shelf if they cannot find the information they are looking for;

23% of them will buy a competitive product that provides the information;

the rest postpone their buying decision.


We have also compiled information about the impacts pirated products have on the sales and employment numbers of branded products – including yours! Take a look2:


These numbers are based on 2014 information from EU Customs. Since Customs can only do spot checks, the actual numbers are likely to be much higher. How big the impact really is can only be assumed. EUROPOL states3:

A recent study that was commissioned by the International Chamber of Commerce, which was carried out in 2010, indicated that EUR 10 billion and more than 185 000 jobs were lost in the EU due to piracy alone. Other studies have observed that profits from counterfeit goods production and trafficking may exceed those of illicit drug trafficking and production.

But there is something very simple you can do to protect your brand value, forestall potential product liability lawsuits, and boost your sales. CONTACT us today to discuss a pilot program that will quickly convince you of its high value.

Or just call us: +49


Get new insights into your marketing strategy and consumer interest!

When consumers scan the CERTENTIC ID, the following information is revealed to you:

  • Which batches and articles end up in which distribution or sales channels?
  • Where do articles with re-used or counterfeited IDs appear?
  • What products is a consumer interested in, and where?
  • How often and in which time-frame is a consumer interested in the same product?
  • How and where do advertising campaigns have an effect?
  • What is the response on social networks?

We are able to provide you this information in a manner that absolutely respects the consumer’s privacy.

Your competitive brands are using this technology to their advantage now. Isn’t it time you did, too?

The experts agree: The time to act is now!

Here are some quotations from a recent global study where top-managers have been surveyed. Their statements show that in general, business is changing due to digitalization4:

“We anticipate relying more heavily on partnerships and adjacencies, and on innovating by listening to clients and developing solutions together.”
David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe, United Kingdom

“Cloud enables us to ‘dematerialize’ services and deliver them remotely. We don’t have to own the infrastructure to do this.”
Kyra Arcia Marcano, CMO, Banco Bolivariano, Ecuador

“Disruptive technologies could change the fundamentals of our business and cause totally unpredictable effects, if they become widespread.”
Kazuo Hirai, CEO, Sony Corporation, Japan

“The app concept – that there are millions of developers who can convert mobile and wearable devices into completely new and innovative tools – will transform big business.”
Asher Yaqub Khan, Chief Commercial Officer, Ufone, Pakistan

“We need to ask ‘what’s next?’ and be proactive, not just react to what’s already happened. And we need to do this whether we’re considering the short- or longer-term future.”
Jyrki Mäki-Kala, CFO, Neste Oil, Finland


Some of these statements might sound visionary but the future has already begun. It’s time to move forward.

1 PwC Study: Traceability as a sales factor? (January 2016, available in German only)
2 European Commission: Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights, Results at the EU border 2014
3 EUROPOL: 2015 Situation Report on Counterfeiting in the European Union
4 IBM Study: Redefining Boundaries: The Global C-suite Study:



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