Some of the websites use so called “cookies”. Cookies that are being placed on your computer cause no harm and do not contain viruses. Cookies are used to make our offer more user-friendly, effective and safer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and saved by your browser.

Some of the cookies we use are so-called “session cookies”. They are automatically deleted after your visit. Other cookies remain on your device until you delete them. These cookies allow us to recognize your browser and, for the next time you visit us, to automatically apply your most recently used settings, such as the language in which the page should be displayed.

You can set your browser in a way that you are informed about the use of cookies and allow cookies only in individual cases, reject the acceptance of cookies in certain cases or as a general rule and the automatic deletion of cookies when you close the browser. Upon deactivation of cookies, the functionality of this website may be restricted.

Location Data

Information about Internet traffic, such as your IP address, are usually country-specific and can therefore provide information about the country where your device is located. Partially, conclusions can be drawn to the city. This information is sent as part of the normal Internet traffic.

When you use our product search, we try to use your exact location data. For this purpose, it is normally required that you turn on device-based location services. These services use data such as GPS signals, equipment sensors, Wi-Fi access points and Cell-Tower-IDs for an approximate or precise determination of your location. You can also disable the device-based location services again after activation. Depending on which Internet browser you use, the Internet browser asks before the first use of the Article Search for your consent of the transmission of your current location. Most Internet browsers allow you via their settings to withdraw this permission again.

Sending of Twitter Tweets

Should you decide to send a Twitter Tweet via our Product Information, we will get to know your identity that you have saved on twitter. To be able to use this information, Twitter will ask for your consent if you want to send a tweet for the first time. Via your Twitter settings (, you can withdraw at any given time revoke the consent to access your Twitter data. Tweets that you have created can be deleted directly from Twitter. Your tweets will not be stored in our databases, but we associate your device with your Twitter handle (your Twitter ID, i.e. @CERTENTIC). You can unlink your device by deleting the cookies that have been saved by us in your internet browser.

Data used for the Article Search

When you use our product search, we will try to use your exact location. Should you not allow this, then we will try to find your approximate position via the IP address of your device. We show your location in the history of the article and do as well store this information so that it gets displayed to other users that query the same item after you. In cases where we have identified your location based on the IP address of your device, we show the city name in square brackets. When a user views the map, these sites are displayed with a purple marker, while precisely determined locations are displayed with a blue marker. Additional to your location, we do as well store in a product query the date and time, information about the type of product you are using and the internet browser (the so-called User Agent String), and a unique identifier for your device which we save as a cookie on your device. Despite this information, your identity remains protected and you can take advantage of our application anonymously. Accordingly, should you place such a request, we can later not selectively delete only your data from the history of an item.

We collect and store the above data with an Article Search so that users can determine via our site where an item was scanned. This allows the user to draw conclusions about how likely it is that it is not an original product for the requested item. We also use the data for the analysis of streams of goods.

Declaration of Consent

On the first visit to our website with one of your devices for an Article Search, we display a notification in which we wish to point out that our website saves cookies and uses your location. This note also contains a reference to this information page, so that you can read the details. By accepting these instructions, you are giving us your consent for the storage of cookies and the use and storage of the above-mentioned data. In case you use the site without confirmation, we also anticipate your consent, but we will however show you this notification again on your next visit. At the latest after 12 months, we will ask again for your consent by showing you this notification.

Our full privacy statement can be found here.